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Smart Computers(One Roof Solutions)

Computer help is just a phone call away. We provide tech support, PC repair, Mac repair to home users all over the Delhi Area. You can drop off at our convenient storefront for computer repair in our Office, or we can come to your home (or office) to provide tech support on premises. Our home computer repair and tech support services help people remove viruses, get online, back up data, organize mobile devices, repair computer hardware, sync email, calendars, and contacts, upgrade computers, and more.

We can help you with computer repair in all over Delhi Area in two convenient ways:

Drop Off for Computer System in Our Office.

Request an In-Home or In-Office computer support appointment.

Annual Maintainance Charge

Our firm provides you Pc's, Laptop, Printers, Hard Disk as well as Door to door services as per clients/Schools/Pvt.companies.For these type of services cost may high to maintaine So, we just provide some AMC as per Clients requirement. The amount is not so much, it charged by us at the end of each year Because some clients hegitate to pay bill at every month so, we decided to take as for comfortable for our clients...

We can help you with AMC in all over Delhi Area in several convenient ways:

AMC services to be provided in only Delhi NCR.

AMC is Comprehensive, i.e. all parts, excluding UPS battery are to be replaced by taking very less amount of cost.

AMC apllied for those clients who take our services for more than one year.

AMC is itself a maintainance charge exlcuding the Site visiting charge.


  • Laptop Repairing

  • CCTV Security

  •  Web Hosting

  • Pc's Antivirus

  • Data Recovery

  • Sell Pc Accessories

  • Writers

  • DVR

  • LED/TFT Screens